About Us

In Tripfinder.Ge, we believe that every tourist deserves to travel like a local – no extra or hidden fees or artificially boosted prices.

We unite travelers with the verified and trusted tour organizers all over Georgia.

You can scroll through wide variety of tours – from extreme rafting to city walking, wine tasting and airplane trips and select the one that best fits your interests.

We guarantee an unforgettable experience as our partner guides are experienced, flexible and accommodating.

Find a solution for any of your requirements:

  • Could not find what you’re looking for? Create a tour of your own.
  • Changed your plans? We have a 24-hour cancellation policy with a full refund for most of the tours.
  • Have complaints? Let us know and we will refund the full amount.
  • Have questions? multilingual customer support is available online or via phone.

We care for your smooth Georgian experience.

99% of our customers are happy with their choice. We hope you are the next!

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